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"Happy Trails" Midi

Links To The Lafayette, Acadiana, And South Louisiana Area

Lafayette Convention And Visitors Commission ( Lots of local links here)

Lafayette Consolidated Council ( Our City/Parish Government )

Lafayette Chamber Of Commerce

Lafayette Parish School Board ( Mucho info. about local [K-12] schools )

University of Louisiana at Lafayette ( Home of the "Ragin' Cajuns" )

Southwest La. Mardi Gras Association ( Can't forget about Mardi Gras, now, can we? )

Tabasco ( World famous Cajun hot sauce / recipes / fun stuff )

Tony Chachere's ( Cajun seasoning / more recipes / other goodies )

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office ( Main Website )

The Cajun French Music Association ( Cajun Music And Culture ) ( More Acadiana Information And Links )

Festivale International De Louisiane ( Music & Entertainment From Around The World )

The Advertiser ( Lafayette's daily newspaper - Local news, Information, and Links )

KATC-TV Channel 3 (ABC) ( Lafayette area News, Weather, Sports and Links )

KLFY-TV Channel 10 (CBS) ( Lafayette area News, Weather, Sports and Links )

 Miscellaneous Links

How far is it, Daddy ?


The Old Farmer's Almanac

Remind Me

How Things Work

What-is ?


Wacky Uses

The current time & temp in Lafayette, LA is :

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Well, Ol' Boudreaux jus' heard dat de catfish's is bitin' down on de bayou, and he's goin' try to catch him a few. But he'll be back real soon wid some more new jokes for y'all .

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