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"Mamou Two Step" Midi

Mais, hello der, all you nice peoples out der in cyberland.

Dis is Boudreaux !

I wants to welcome all of y'all to Cajun Country.

( Dat's where Boudreaux and his good fren', Thibodeaux lives. )

If y'all done been here before, well I wants to welcome y'all back.

If dis here is your first time to visit, I sure hope you gonna pass youself

a real good time. I put dese here pages together for y'all to enjoy, and 'cause

it's kinda like a little hobby for me.

( An' it makes de time pass pretty good, too. )

To got youself around dese pages, you can use de arrows

( like de one you see below ) to go frontwards and backwards.

De most newest jokes I gots is, naturally, on de page called "Newest Jokes".

But I'll bet you done figured dat out all by youself already, didn't you ?

(See, y'all only been here a couple minutes, an' you already smarter den you was.)

By de way, if you like what you see, be sure an' signed my guestbook

before you leave, an' old Boudreaux will E-Mail you everytime he adds some

new jokes, an'dat way you can come back for some more funny stuff.

( Oh yeh, told your friends about Boudreaux, too. De more, de better. )

Anyhow, y'all come on inside, 'cause we gonna have us some fun, yeh.

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